Human Resources

Çimtaş sees its highly-motivated and competent employees as its most important asset in attaining its vision.

Çimtaş aims at gaining candidates, who are capable of acting based on an awareness of occupational health, safety and environment, customer-, and team-oriented, who embrace continuous improvement, with career objectives that are compatible with company strategies and values, and who possess high-quality written and oral communication skills, and who would embrace their duties by assuming responsibility, as team members.

Çimtaş implements advanced production, engineering and technological methods in its business processes, and offers satisfying career opportunities to its employees with personal and professional development facilities; and sense of belonging, leadership skills, commitment to ethical values, high motivation and a high level of energy constitute the important behavioral features valued in employees’ career paths at Çimtaş. The Company provides continuous training opportunities with the purpose of gaining the skills and competencies required by the employees.


At Çimtaş, employees’ suggestions are valued, their value-creating proposals are appreciated and rewarded, with the purpose of creating and spreading a participatory, transparent corporate culture, which adds value to business processes, and is focused on contribution and performance.