Carried out with the strategy of “Candidate Suitable for the Position”, the recruitment process constitutes one of the essential functions of the human resources department.

The objective of Çimtaş’ recruitment process is to place candidates, who possess the specific competences and technical skills required for the position, and are open to team-work, dynamic, creative and capable of keeping pace with changing conditions, in the correct positions, and to make each one of them a member of Çimtaş family. Accordingly, projects within the scope of cooperation between universities and industry, career days’ organizations, long-term internships, efficient use of social media, and activities carried out within the scope of various projects / expositions / training programs focused on employment are the resources efficiently used for accessing the appropriate candidates.  

The process of adaptation of the new employees to the Company and their level of satisfaction are monitored closely by the Human Resources department through periodic interviews, and if needed, support is provided to employees for any matters required. The aforementioned periodic interviews are conducted with all employees on the 15th, 45th and 90th days of their recruitment, in addition to a 1st-year interview made with white-collars, who complete their first year at Çimtaş.

How to Apply

General Application

Through General Application, you can add your CV to our candidate database to be used in line with our Company’s requirements. Please click here to upload your CV. 

Internship Application

To upload your CV for internship application, please click here.

All applications will be evaluated by the Human Resources department within the framework of confidentiality principles, and candidates with CVs suitable for the position will be contacted as soon as possible.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our Company.